The Process

1. Consultation

A meeting to discuss your requirements, understand your style preferences and to view the site and its immediate surroundings. This consultation is free of charge.

2. Design Brief

A fee proposal with accompanying design brief will be prepared to outline the key and critical requirements as identified from the initial consultation.

3. Site survey

A topographical survey will be commissioned to accurately record all onsite relevant data. AHDS will complete the survey if the site is of modest size and without complex detail.

4. Sketch proposals

Aubrey will propose designs that respond to the design brief in sketch format. These proposals form the building blocks of the design and lead to the detailed design phase.

5. Detailed proposals

This phase of work will include detailed drawings to allow project costs to be gained by construction contractors. Works can include, annotated masterplan, 3D rendered imagery, detailed construction drawings, planning applications, planting plans, construction specifications and bills of quantities.

6. Tender for construction

The detailed proposals will be sent out to selected competent contractors to gain project costs, these quotations will be analysed and recommendations will be made to the client. AHDS has a network of contractors that we use and so will, where appropriate, recommend the best people for the project.

7. On site construction

During the construction process Aubrey can make regular visits to monitor progress to ensure the project is built as agreed by the client and as per the design. Guidance and support will be offered to the contractor and our client.

This is a typical process for a full design service. However, every garden and landscape project are different and therefore may require a different set of drawings and information. Aubrey will discuss with the client from the outset what is understood to be required and therefore only provide that relevant information. AHDS is not limited to design, plant sourcing and purchasing can be provided. Please contact AHDS for further information.